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Company Background

Mykatrade 210 is a Level 2 B-BBEE owned and managed integrated waste management company. The founders and management of the company are very passionate about waste management and participate in various waste industry forums and conferences.

The entry barriers to this industry are very high and they include equipment, vehicles and limited skills. Furthermore, there is very little transformation taking place within the waste management industry.

The company is committed to the objectives of the National Waste Management Strategy and keeping a clean and safe environment. To this end, the company sees itself not only as one of the key role players in the waste management arena but as the service provider of innovative and integrated waste management solutions.

Furthermore, we are also committed to enter or form strategic alliances with other waste management companies who share the same vision; mission and business principles on the provision of integrated waste management services.

Waste Management & Services


To be amongst the undisputed leaders in the provision of quality, excellent and innovative landfill management, waste collection, removal, and disposal services. To successfully accomplish our goals through commitment and team work.

Mykatrade Waste Management & Plant Hire

Our mission is to create and foster integrated, efficient, quality, cost effective and innovative solutions to waste management challenges and to foster and respect opinions, beliefs, values and life goals of the society.

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